-Puppy Availability- 



We are proud to announce the breeding of our girl Paisley (Millennium’s It Doesn’t Get Better Then This)  to Peter (Scion Wahkeen theMeter Reader) 


















       Peter                                                                                                                            Paisley   

Reservations and Wait List spots are going very quickly, so act fast.  If you are interested in reserving a puppy please contact Susan or George .  We try to plan each breeding  a year in advance in order to secure the best combinations.  All pairings are tentative subject to sire availability at the time of breeding.



Tramin Faithful Joy “Bruce”





If you are interested in a European Cream Puppy, I am aware of a breeder with 2 litters of  puppies ready to go home by Easter (they will go home in two weeks).   



Sky Pride Revolution “Nikki”

Sky Pride Endless Love “Stevie”












Bruce x Nikki           

Bruce x Stevie



If interested, please fill out our puppy inquiry questionnaire and specify European Cream in the preference or call us on the numbers below and I will forward your information to the breeder and she will contact you.



















Please complete the puppy inquiry questionnaire  or give us a call at 972-822-0283 (cell)  or 903-664-2004 (home).  We  will respond and be happy to provide you with information on either our current litter or our next planned breeding as we do not always have puppies available.  If we do not get back with you within a few days please message us.

Puppies are $3,000 (Three Thousand Dollars): A $500 non-refundable reservation fee is required (applied to cost of the puppy) to reserve a puppy and the balance to be paid prior to the puppy going home.   

Your puppy will have had its first vaccination and be micro-chipped prior to delivery.  We require all puppies and their microchips be American Kennel Club registered, and we handle the registration for you.   There will be a additional $55.00 fee to cover registration of puppy with the AKC and the microchip with AKC Reunite.

All puppies are sold on a limited registration 











***Please Note that breeding times, puppy sex, puppy availability and go home dates cannot be guaranteed.  Although our babies and smart, loving and obedient, and we do our best to plan, we have not as yet been able to teach them to read a calendar or control the number and sex of puppies whelped.  They go into heat when they go into heat and we, unfortunately, have no control over it.  From the time of breeding it is approximately 60 days until the puppies whelp and then 56 days until they can be sent to their forever homes.