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We live on 4 acres with lots of wildlife to keep our goldens busy and trees to provide shade when they are playing outside.  I have been in Education for 30 years working with students who have special needs.  My focus has been on students with behavioral difficulties.  George works from home for a large food and beverage company.  Between us we have have 5 children and 9 Grandchildren.  Cassie is 38 and an amazing mom to 4 of our grandkids, Kara is 36, mother to 3 more of our grandkids and is graduating from UTD with a degree in Biochemistry, Mandy is 30, devoted mom to Jayden and Miles, Nathan also 30 is a well respected engineer with Encore, William is 25 and living in Kansas with his golden Ace.  Each year George and I donate both time and money to the Autism Speaks Walk in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

We began breeding Golden Retrievers back in 2000 when we set out to add a golden retriever to our family.  As we began to research and understand about health testing, we found it difficult to locate a quality puppy where we were living and had to travel to find a well bred Golden Retriever.  We focused on hunting lines at that time and had opportunity to compete in both field and hunting competitions.  Our puppies were evaluated for therapy and drug dogs.  One of our litters was featured in the Domestication’s catalog.  In 2006 we were relocated to Florida and made the difficult decision to suspend our activities with our Goldens as well as our breeding program.  In 2008,  we returned to Texas and began to rebuild our breeding program as well as begin to be bitten by the show ring bug.